Heimatverein Varel e.V.            The Varel Windmill         and           Local History Exhibit History Varel`s last count, Gustav Adolf von Bentinck   built this extraordinary mill 1847. The Grand Duke   of Oldenburg took over possession in 1854, and  throughout the next century a succession of  different owners followed. By 1965, the title of   ownership was finally secured by the City of Varel.  Since then, restoration  and conservation efforts for  maintaining this cultural monument have been   placed in the hand of its local citizenry. The Windmill  has been fully restored through successive restoration  phases and great expense. Today, locals can boast of   having Germany`s largest fully operative Dutch-  Gallery Windmill. The local heritage society now  manages the windmill and hosts workshops und   guided tours in the mill structure and its adjacent  outbuildings, with over 1000 craft objects.  This exhibit presents one of the most unique   collections of north-German traditional craft and  local history far ar and wide.   Technology “Dutch-Gallery” is the technical term given to this   type of windmill towering five stories! The mill`s grinding apparatus originally filled three floors.  Two sets of millstones ground rye, wheat and cattle feed. The reed-thatched dome hovers at   30 meters in height, the gallery at 15.5 meters and with wings, the overall structure stands at  an lofty 39 meters tall. The wing spans 24 meters in width. The largest millstone measures  2.05 meters in diameter and weighs a hefty 4 tons! The stone happens to be the largest mill-  stone known to exist in Germany!  Group bookings 14-days in advance reservation is recommended Guided tours by appointment Admission is free Parking Parking is provided on the mill premesis and along adjacent side-streets Collections of the Varel Heritage Society focus on the following topics Frisian sports Fishing Traditional crafts Household tools an appliance Brickyard manufacture Beekeeping Flax processing Historic agricultural implements and vehicles Local industry Dike production A steam engine and a tobacco cutting machine will be demonstrated in action. IThe carriage house is a permanent exhibition: "The Hansa Car Factory in Varel" and features restored vehicles manufactured between 1905-1929 Contact: Heimatverein Varel Mühlenstraße 52 26316 Varel Tel.: 04451 - 2539 or the City of Varel Tel.: 04451 - 126 134 During opening times please call 04451 - 860801 This mill is an official member of the: Frisian Windmill Route Return to Start Guide